Welding Services

Installation & Repair Welding Services

Onsite welding services undertaken by coded welders. New installations and repairs carried out.

Some previous projects include;

Southbay Civil Engineering - Ridham Dock - Ground piles with sample extraction.

Total Lifting Solutions - Canadian Embassy - Heavy duty automotive lift repairs.

Heathrow Cranes - Jib repairs.

EG Martin - 60,000L Tank - Weld repairs.

NDT & Weld repair of a cracked crane jib section

Crack identified with MPI.

Grinding back crack to remove it entierly for weld repair.

Lack of fusion found. Likely to be the root cause of crack.

Removing defective material and bevelling the edges to allow for full weld penetration. 

Depth of defected material.

Width of defected material.

Weld repair carried out with multi run fillet welds.

Finished weld repair after MPI conformation.