Boiler Inspection / Tank Inspection / Plant Room NDT Inspection

Boiler, Tank and Plant Room inspections are an essential service we provide. Be it brand new or existing our experienced technicians have inspections to suit every application;

Boiler, Tank and Plant Room inspection techniques

Ultrasonic thickness surveys are utilised to see if the pipe wall thickness is starting to corrode and or diminish.

Visual inspections are carried out with every in-service inspection. We comment on general condition of the pipe work and highlight any areas for concern.

Ultrasonic butt weld inspections are carried out to ensure the installation was carried out properly, ensuring the weldment is conforming.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspections are used to inspect butt welds. This inspection has a high accuracy and is quicker than conventional ultrasonic inspections. Data is collected during the inspection and is presented to the client upon request.

Magnetic Particle Inspection is a surface inspection method that is used on ferritic material with no paint present or removed. This inspection is very good at finding surface breaking defects and pin holes.